Raids are content meant to be tackled with a decent party, they work completely different from any other content in the game.

  • Can be re-entered as many times as possible on the time limit.
  • Mobs work in groups, if you die to a group, the mobs reset to a fixed location and fully heal.
  • Bosses may have specific mechanics or conditions, such as being immune to physical or magic damage.
  • There is a Threat system, you can get increased threat with the corresponding Stone.
  • You can't just rush to the final boss. They require exploration and understanding to be able to damage the boss.
  • Weekly rewards.

Current Raids Available:

Baphomet's Castle (Lv700+) -Required for final pendant upgrade

  • Explore the whole castle to uncover all secrets.
  • Bring varied types of damage.
  • Don't rush the boss, take your time and explore.
  • Pay attention to any NPCs or dialog.

Level range:

  • The raid can be challenged with similar level players. Here is the table for raid level range.
  • It is recommended that the level of each player is above the average level of the raid monsters.
Minimum level of player Average level of the raid monsters Maximum level of player
600 750 850
800 950 1050
1000 1150 1500
1300 1650 2100
1900 2250 2900
2500 3050 3800
3300 3950 4800
4300 4950 5900
5300 6050 7000
6400 7250 8200
7800 8450 9300
8900 9650 9999

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