Ragnarok the Fractured Realms Wiki

Progression guide (work in progress)

I'm writing and thinking of the guide structure. This will be updated. - Michelada-

This guide is written for the newbies who has problem with understanding whole thing, and have no idea what to do.

Level 1. Beginner

We should take a look few things before starting real journey.

Level and stats concept

Max level is 9999 and you can invest any stat to 9999. However, your pre-trans first max level will be 99, and 175 for 3rd job.

Your max level at first will be 175. You can increase the max level of yours by progression like killing MVP boss, rebirth, training, etc.

Rebirth system

Rebirth is resetting your level to 1 (-175 of your level exactly) and your job will be reset to High novice / Novice / Doram. (just choose high novice if you don't understand the options)

The advantage of rebirth

  • You can your previous job(the job before you chose to rebirth) can be selected as sub-job. Only 1 job can be sub-job.
  • You can use both of your jobs; your main job, and your sub job.
  • For example, your previous "life" is GX(Guillotine cross) and You're now Ranger. You can use EDP(enchant deadly poison) while you shoot your arrows to enemies!
  • Recommended sub job for physical main job : GX (Enchant deadly poison for 30% damage increase), Ranger (Unlimit for 75% ranged damage increase), Kagerou, oboro(for dual wielding)
  • Recommended sub job for magical main job : Warlock (Magic amplification for 50% matk buff), Oboro (16th night for fixed casting removal, and dual wielding)


  • You can choose sacrifice instead of rebirth if you have 201+ level. (-200 of your level)
  • Sacrifice gives you bonus treasure chest(for zeny) and server-custom card album(see here to check the reward).
  • It'll be confusing to choose rebirth and sacrifice. The answer is complicated, but in short, if you don't have good subjob, please do rebirth.

What job should I choose? Any recommend?

  • Rule of thumb for choosing a job and sub-job
    • Unstable rift, which is one of main contents, require you to kill many monsters fast. You should have AOE(are of effects) skill.
    • Think about synergies between your main-job and sub-job.
  • Popular skills and job (physical class)
    • Rune knight is popular because of powerful runes and the Dragon breath.
    • Kagerou / Oboro is popular because of Kunai splash (no casting, spammable large AOE skill if you reduce after skill delay a lot)
    • Ranger is recommended to newbie because Sharp shooting (+50% critical rate) is easy to get 100% critical hit.
    • Rebellion is popular because of spammable AOE skills (Round trip, Fire dance)
  • Popular sub-job (Physical class)
    • Guillotine cross(GX) is popular because of dual-wielding, and Enchant deadly poison(30% physical damage increase)
    • Ranger is popular because of unlimit(75% ranged damage increase, can be maintained whole time if you have enough cooldown reduction)
  • Popular skills and job (Magical class)
    • Warlock is popular because of magic amplification (50% matk increase for 15 minutes) and strong magics.
  • Popular sub-job (Magical class)
    • Kagerou / Oboro is popular because of dual wielding, and 16th night (removing fixed casting)

Level 2. Toward rebirth

Recommended places (I'm really weak!)

  • "Weak" means that you cannot deal 10k+ damage using a skill.
  • 1~20 level : Prontera south field
  • 20~40 level : Anthell
  • 40~70 level : Orc Village, Orc Dungeon, Byalan Dungeon
  • 70~99 level : Glastheim Churchyard
  • 99~120 level : Magma Dungeon 2
  • 120~150 level : Abyss Lake 3F

Recommended places (I feel strong!)

  • "Strong" means that you can deal 10k+ damage using a skill so that any monster can die in few hits.
  • 100~120 level : Illusion of moonlight, Illusion of vampire
  • 120~150 level : Illusion of Abyss
  • 150~175 level : Illusion of Teddy Bear

Level 3. After 1st rebirth : Stable rift

Level 4. You should be strong : unstable rift

Level 5. What to do next?