Ragnarok the Fractured Realms Wiki


  • Save all the Gems, Mystical Dusts, and Fracture Coins your get.
  • Disenchant unwanted gears (Etc. Skill).
  • Put your desired Charms in your inventory's favorite tab (Only one copy of a certain Charm will have any effects).
  • Save Aquamarine, Topaz, Amethyst, Amber, Steel, Elunium, Oridecon, Etherite Ore, and Enchanted Materials.
  • Sell unwanted cards to the card trader.
  • Join Bombring and Monster Hunt.
  • Join available leveling parties (500 level gap for exp share).
  • Use exp boosting gears (Titan Helm, Poring Sunglasses, Ring Balloons/Happy Balloon/Bubble Gum, Angel Poring Boots, Valkyrie Ring, Shiny Santa Poring Hat, Novice/Advanced/Experience Shadow Shield, Novice/Advanced Shadow Shoes).
  • When you reach your cap, either pay zeny for Master Ken Training, Rebirth - Sacrifice levels for Soul Power, or kill MVPs and Champion mobs (once each monster).
  • Sell Gems to other players if you are in need of zeny for training.


The number in parenthesis is the level of the mobs in that map. Scan the maps that are close to your level. Always try if you can efficiently kill the mobs in maps higher level than yours first. Go to the map below its level if you are unable to until you reach the map you efficiently kill.

  • (1) Spawn
  • (1) South Prontera Field (prt_fild08)
  • (15) Rocker Field (prt_fild07)
  • (38) Coco Geffen Field (gef_field02)
  • (44) Orc Village(gef_fild10)
  • (50) Orc Dungeon F1 (orcsdun01)
  • (60) Orc Dungeon F2 (orcsdun02)
  • (79) Sky Petite Geffen Field (gef_fild08)
  • (86) Petite Geffen Field (gef_fild06)
  • (89) Glastheim Underground Prison B1 (gl_prison)
  • (100) Glastheim Underground Prison B2 (gl_prison1)
  • (!) Upgrade your Pendant then talk to the Guards again
  • (!) Talk to the Master Artisan and craft Enchanted Gears
  • (110) Goblin Village Red Rift (gef_fild11)
  • (150) Payon Dungeon F4 Red Rift (pay_dun03)
  • (200) Ant Hell Dungeon F1 Red Rift (anthell01)
  • (!) Get a Sub-Job
  • (250) Prontera Culvert F4 Red Rift (prt_sewb4) Culvert Quest is needed
  • (260) Orc Village Up Right Blue Rift (gef_fild01)
  • (280) Morroc Right Down Blue Rift (moc_fild11)
  • (300) Morroc Down Down Blue Rift (moc_fild18)
  • (320) Alberta Left Down Blue Rift (pay_fild06)
  • (340) Payon Right Blue Rift (pay_fild08)
  • (!) Be sure to upgrade your Pendant and talk to the Guards again
  • (!) Get a Limitless Stone
  • (350) Toy Factory 2F Red Rift (xmas_dun02)
  • (350) Beach Dungeon West Red Rift (beach_dun)
  • (380) Prontera Right Up Blue Rift (prt_fild02)
  • (420) Geffen Left Up Blue Rift (gef_fild05)
  • (540) Prontera Culvert 4 Blue Rift (prt_sewb4)
  • (600) Morroc Down Left / Outside Anthell Blue Rift (cmd_fild08)
  • (700) Glastheim Castle F1 Red Rift (gl_cas01)
  • (!) You are now eligible to do the Baphomet Raid
  • (720) Sunken Ship Blue Rift (treasure01)
  • (860) Orc Village Blue Rift (gef_fild10)
  • (1000) Orc Dungeon Blue Rift (orcsdun01)
  • (1120) Payon Right Down Right Blue Rift (pay_fild10)
  • (1260) Labyrinth Forest Blue Rift (prt_maze01)
  • (1360) Morroc Down Right Right Right Blue Rift (moc_fild14)
  • (1400) Mistress Map Blue Rift (mjolnir_04)
  • (1500) Geffen Dungeon F3 Red Rift (gef_dun02)
  • (1560) Sphinx Blue Rift (in_sphinx)
  • (1860) Clock Tower B1 Blue Rift (alde_dun01)
  • (!) Forge the Limitless Gauntlet
  • (2000) Turtle Dungeon 4 Red Rift (tur_dun04)
  • (!!!) At this point, the scaling of some enchantments on gears starts to diminish. This is the best time to create you base gears (Fracture, Illusion, Odin Past, Bio 5, Ein3, Abyss4, etc.). After gathering your base gears, farm Enchanted Equipments with the right enchants for your build and transfer the enchants to your base gear by using Absorption Gems. These gears can carry you till the end game. Just upgrade their quality and enchants by the use of Absorption Gems from time to time if you feel like you need more stats.
  • (2200) Turtle Island Blue Rift (tur_dun01)
  • (2300) Turtle Island 3 Blue Rift (tur_dun03)
  • (2560) Turtle Island 4 Blue Rift (tur_dun04)
  • (2660) Hugel Field F7 Blue Rift (hu_fild07)
  • (2740) Veins Up Up Blue Rift (ve_fild04)
  • (2800~) Ice Dungeon 2F/3F Blue Rift (ice_dun02/03)
  • (2920) Veins Up Up Left Blue Rift (ve_fild03)
  • (2950) Magma Dungeon F1 Red Rift (mag_dun01)
  • (3100) Nameless Island Blue Rift (nameless_n)
  • (3300) Rachel Sanctuary F1 Blue Rift (ra_san01)
  • (3500) Cursed Abbey Dungeon F1 Blue Rift (abbey01)
  • (3600) Biolabs F2 Red Rift (lhz_dun02)
  • (3900) Thanatos Tower Red Rift (tha_t01 )
  • (4000) Biolabs 3 Red Rift (lhz_dun03)
  • (4000) Abyss Lake 3 Red Rift (abyss_03)
  • (4340) Bifrost Tower F1 Blue Rift (ecl_tdun01)
  • (4780) Bifrost Tower F3 Blue Rift (ecl_tdun03)
  • (5100) Odin's Temple North Area Red Rift (odin_tem03)
  • (5100) Illusion of Moonlight Blue Rift (pay_dun_i)
  • (5300) Illusion of Abyss Blue Rift (tur_d03_i)
  • (5500) Illusion of Teddy Bear Blue Rift (ein_d02_i)
  • (5700) Chaotic Labyrinth Blue Rift (prt_maze03_i)
  • (6000) Magma Dungeon F3 Red Rift (mag_dun03)
  • (6400) Einbroch Crystal Caves Red Rift (ein_dun03)
  • (6940) Odin Temple Past Blue Rift (odin_past)
  • (7000) Odin Temple Past Red Rift (odin_past)
  • (7400) Thanatos Tower F9 Red Rift (tha_t09)
  • (7600) Thanatos Tower F10 Red Rift (tha_t10)
  • (7700) At this level you can buy 10k Quality Elite Enchanted Boxes on the Fractured Coin Shop. Elite Enchanted Box lets you choose the enchantments on the gear you bought. I suggest going in this order of priority (if applicable) 2H Weapon, Wing, Armor, 1H Weap, Shield, Garment, Accessories. After getting the gear, use Greater Absorption Gem on it and transfer the enchants to your base gears.
  • (7720) Oz's Labyrinth F2 Blue Rift (oz_dun02)
  • (7800) Thanatos Tower F11 Red Rift (tha_t11)
  • (8000) Thanatos Tower F12 Red Rift (tha_t12)
  • (8200) Niffleheim Dungeon F1 Red Rift (nif_dun01)
  • (9700) Niffleheim Dungeon 2F Blue Rift (nif_dun02)
  • (!) Upgrade your Pendant




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Fracture Gear Enhancement

Enchant Grade

Fracture Equipment are able to have an enchant grade. The Enchant Grade effect is listed on the item description. As of now the only current available Enchant Grade effect is "For Each Enchant Grade: All bonuses +10% of total value".

Upgrade Enchant Grade

Talk to Esmerlda (Left Side of Castle)