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The Ragnarok the Fractured Realms gives a lot of ways for you to start. It will all depend on where will you enjoy the start of your progress. This guide will tackle about my own "start of progress" that can serve as guide that you can use to start your journey.

Disclaimer: I am not a veteran nor expert to the game. If some information given is wrong or a little bit confusing, feel free to correct me.

The Beginning

Where you will be born.png

Upon character creation, you will be warp here. You need to get Job Level 10 for you to have your first job.

You can talk to Annabelle for a series of quests that will give good exp for the first few levels and give you more information on what each Riftbound Castle NPC offers.

Use Alt + E buttons to access your inventory and go to Use tab then from there you will see the ROTFR Beginners Gift Box, double left click and you should get some items that can help you to start.

Here are the fundamentals you should know about the server.

Note: The ROTFR Beginners Gift Box is available at levels 1, 50, 99, 175, 250, 500, 1000, 2000. The Tome of RO:TFR helps you to monitor your stats and exclusive stats from RO:TFR, and your soul tracking for monsters and MVPs.

After the Beginning


After getting your Job Level 10, you can now enter in the castle and look for Morrigan NPC. Talk to her and select your desired Job.

Note: Don't be afraid on choosing job since you can change it anytime afterward.

When you got your first Job, you can now start for the real adventure!

--Main Job and Sub Job--


Note: To go to other maps, you need to walk. Yes, you need to walk! Or you can ask someone to warp you to the nearest map in your desired location. So whenever you see a Warp Stone, just click it once and it will save the map.


When you reach Base Level 99, go back in Castle again and talk to Monica NPC. And take the quest. From there, you should get good to start equipment that can help you to level up. If you rebirth first you will need to get back to level 99.

After that, you can now continue your leveling!

Don't be bother with your equipment. You will get random chests of equipment, costumes, charms, and shadow gear with good options from monsters while you level. Killing the special monsters like Solid Furious etc also has a high chance of dropping a box, and MVPs have a very high chance of a box.

You can find level 100-110 Rifts behind the Riftbound Castle by going to the left inside and out the back. These rifts will be quite tough but doable around this level if you have rebirthed at least once and have the equipment from Monica.

When Things Get Hard

Along the way, you will struggle with leveling. There will be a time that you will not earn levels because of the monsters you can't kill. I know what you feel. Therefore, I suggest you to do the 100 Rebirths!

Note: You can get 20,000 free stat points and +2970 level cap with just 100 Rebirths!

Rebirth & Sacrifice

Both functions are the same. The only different is how its done.

Rebirth allows you to gain "Rebirth" while being back in novice. It can be done when you reach Base Level 250 with a 4th tier .

Sacrifice also allows you to gain "Rebirth" but only losing levels and your current job will be remain. You will also receive and Treasure Chest (3) and an Card Album. It can be done when you reach Base Level 251.

Where to do rebirths?

Red Rift in Prontera Culvert F4. (Just a suggestion!)

Note: Both will give you stat points and will increase your level cap. Rebirth is capped with 100. You can Rebirth at NPC Morrigan.

I'm done with 100 rebirth and still can't clear blue rifts yet. What to do now?


Crafting Gears with Ryan

NPC Ryan can craft, improve, and enhance gears to help you to kill monster easily.

Craft. You can buy MOST of the gear needed at the Center of the castle. The other materials are dropped by monsters randomly, MVPs drop bundles of these materials as well.

Improve. You can improve the options of your weapon. This will increase the quality of your weapon. Higher quality = better options.

Enhance. You can add Enhanced Stones such as Fortitude(+HP and SP), Dexterity (+DEX), Evasion (+Dodge and +Movement), Agility (+AGI), Luck (+LUK), Intelligence (+INT), Strength (+STR) in Ryan's Crafted gear.

Note: You can find Ryan at the East side of the castle. The max level of Enhanced Stone is 7 and is linked to the items Enchant Grade with SS gfrade letting the mods go to +7. The number of Stones you can add in a gear depends on the number of unused card slots, Weapons have 2 and armor has 3. The zeny cost of improving quality will increase as the quality increases.

I'm done with this game! I already did rebirths and crafted Ryan's gear and yet I still can't clear a single blue rift!

Hold on, have you tried this?

Pendants, Charms, Stones

And this?


Having a good set of card can improve your damage to monster. But, what cards to use? Read to this one!

Note: Some card has limitation so that we can maintain the balance in this server.

I expect by this time, you can now kick those monster's faces and earn bunch of experience for you to level up!

Here are some tips from me:
  • Save those fracture coins, gems, eternite ores, and ethernite dust you get from the monsters. (This are randomly drop from any monsters).

  • Invest for fracture gears that you can found in the West side of castle. It will make you stronger trust me. For more information, refer to this one.

  • If you don't have enough resources for fractured gear, you can try get some better equipment from Illusion dungeon, Odin past, Bio 5, Abyss F4 there's still more, you can search for that.

  • You can transfer the options from other gear to same type of that gear using Absorption Gem. PLEASE be mindful on using this gems. Ryan's Crafted Gear can't be used with Absorption Gem.

  • As you play the game, you will learn something that isn't included in this article.

  • Don't be afraid to ask for help. All of players here are helpful and not monster that will bite you when you PMed them!

  • Always do the automated events for some good source of items that can help you to progress.