Ragnarok the Fractured Realms Wiki

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Ragnarok Online Fractured Realms?

A: Its a low rate ragnarok online hugely designed based on love for Diablo series and Path of Exile.

Q: What is this pendant in my inventory?

A: Pendants are one of the items(charms) that would give you stats just being in inventory.

Q: My pendant gains level! What is the max level for it?

A: it maxes out at level 100 BUT you can upgrade it by exploring the castle and talking to npcs. As of today (August 1,2021) it has 3 stages.

Q: What is this Soul Power I saw when I killed mobs?

A: Soul Power is a collection of monsters killed. The more you kill, the more you gain souls, increasing your level cap.

Q: My level won't increase and others say they are above 1k in levels, what do I do?

A: There are different ways.

  1. You can increase your soul power, by increasing your soul power you increase your level caps too. Just kill monsters.
  2. For one time only, kill mvps and rift mvps and gain part of their souls.
  3. Rebirth. Each rebirth gives you +30 level cap. As of the date of writing this, October 20,2021 the max rebirth a person can do is 100 (2970 additional level cap).
  4. Training with Master Ken on the castle west wing.

Q: I get random gears with "Quality" and some stats on it, what are these?

A: The game is designed that each mob has its corresponding level, with global random drops. The Quality reflects the level of monsters you kill. Lvl200 mobs = 200 quality items.

Q: I have so much items in my inventory, I dont wanna keep selling them, is there another way to get rid of them?

A: in your skill tab, you will find the custom skill "Disenchant". Once you use said skill it will show a menu where you can disenchant your enchanted items (items with options). In exchange you will get pinch of mystical dust. 5 of this will give you 1 Mystical Dust.

Tip: higher quality gears give more dusts.

Q: I can't find a specific enchantment on my item. I want this "enchantment" on my "gear"

A: Gear enchantments vary. Check the Random Item Options page for more details.

Q: How can I warp around places? My warpstone only has Prontera and nothing else? We also don't have @go or @warp commands?

A: You can go around places by walking or teleporting. You can also use the Hugel/Lightalzen/Einbroch airship. Otherwise you have to unlock the other side of the Warp Stone ( kinda like a Gate ) before you can unlock it and use the Warp Stone to go there.

Q: If I stack resistances I can become a unkillable god?

A: Resistances are capped at 90%, whatever you do you will never go past that.

Q: can I just stack 100% ignore def/mdef and destroy everything?

A: No you can't, ignore def/mdef stat is capped at 50% for balancing purposes.

Q: Does multistrike affect autocasting skills while doing normal attacks?

A: No, but spell echo will affect the autocasting skill.

Q: I got this item type called Charm, what is it? What does it do?

A: If you are familiar with Diablo II's charms mechanic. Its the same. You just have the item in your inventory and their effects will work. You can only have one of each. They will not stack on top of each other. They however will stack with other type of charms (As of making this FAQ, August 2, 2021 there are 10 charms you can collect).

Q:If I refine an item to +100, do I get all bonuses?

A: You get specific gear bonuses up to +30 ( or if the gear specifies up to +15 or upto +20, that applies) but items can still go as high as +100, only you will get additional def(armors) or atk(weapons)

Q: I got an absorption stone and was wondering if I can use it to get 2 Handed gears enchants and transfer it to 1 handed ones.

A: No you cannot, the stone recognizes 2H and 1H gears.

Q: I am concerned I might disenchant my gear that has a card in it on accident, will that happen?

A: No, gears with cards are blacklisted in disenchanting proccess. It will not read gears with cards in it.

Q: Which are better, blue or red rifts?

A: Early on, there's no replacing blue rifts. The enchanted chests and Soul Points from the rift MVPs, as well as the stone shards make them preferable than red rifts. Additionally, killing blue rift MVPs have a high chance of dropping Fractured Coins (albeit with a weekly cap). However, for later stages of gameplay, it becomes a toss-up, and possibly favoring red rifts since:

  • Red rifts have preset mobs appearing on them, thus you can plan around these rifts (i.e using race-specific cards for them).
  • While the stone shards are still sellable to NPCs for a decent amount, some of the red rifts can provide significantly higher zeny count than blue ones. Cards also drop from red rifts, which can be sold to the Card Exchange NPC.
  • You'll want to accumulate Soul Reaver ranks eventually, and Blue rifts just simply don't provide that.