Ragnarok the Fractured Realms Wiki

Fractured Coins

Fractured Coins are the premium currency of the server, they can be reliably farmed or bought with donation points.

  • Any MVP has a low chance to drop them on kill.
  • Rift MVPs have a moderate chance to drop one as well, up to 35 per week.
  • Random drops from monsters at a low rate. Improved with rift monsters.
  • They can be bought in sets of tradeable or untradeable bags.
  • Raid Bosses chests and clears get more coins scaling with level.
  • Vip players receive 1 coin per day 3 per week and 5 extra per month.
  • Coins can be exchanged for items with the Quartermaster or for increasing max soul level with master Ken they can also be used to buy from Shady Dan.
  • They are meant as an extra support to the server and can be farmed, keeping it fair.

VIP Token Benefits

Some vip tokens can also be tradeable.

  • Increases exp, drop and random drops by 50%
  • Slightly increases the minimum item roll on quality.
  • Daily, weekly and monthly fractured coins, treasure boxes (sold for 150k zeny), mystic boxes (random food/crafted gear/costumes).
  • Increase character cap from 3 to 9